What is the privacy policy of Letmedical?

Our privacy policy can be found at http://letmedical.com/privacy-policy/ .

What is your policy on shipping and returns?

Our Shipping and Returns policy can be found at http://letmedical.com/pages/Shipping-%26-Returns.html .


Should I invest in an ultrasound machine at my clinic?

Yes! Having an ultrasound machine at your clinic is a great way to generate revenue for the practice and provide a higher level of care for patients. It also gives your staff the ability to diagnose treatment needs faster and more accurately.

Does Letmedical buy used medical equipment?

Yes, any equipment information should be set to Oswaldo Guio at let@letmedical.com .

Does MedCorp ship ultrasound machines outside of the United States?

Yes, we ship portable ultrasound, cart based systems, ultrasound parts and probes worldwide. CONFIRM THIS

What types of warranties does Letmedical offer?

We offer 30 day warranties for most equipment except transducers.

Does Letmedical offer extended warranties?

Yes, 1 to 5 year warranties are available based on your needs and budget.

Is a user manual included with my system?

Yes, most systems house the manual as a PDF under the help menu icon.

What should I expect from a refurbished ultrasound machine?

Every refurbished system from Letmedical must be like-new and fully-functioning in order to pass our refurbishment standards and be put back on the market. Many of our used systems were demo and floor models that were very lightly used to begin with. You can expect to put any of our used systems next to a new one without being able to notice any difference between the two.

What is a "point of care" ultrasound machine?

"Point of care" refers to portable ultrasounds that can perform fast exams, usually for abdominal, musculoskeletal or anesthesia applications. Our most popular point of care ultrasounds are the GE Venue 40, GE Venue 50, GE Logiq E and GE VScan. These systems start up faster than others with a less than 20-25 second boot time.

What kind of financing does Letmedical offer?

We offer 12 to 60 month financing plans with rates starting at 4%. Some of the financing plans provided by our partners include lease, lease with a buy out amount, deferred financing, no payments for 6 months and more depending on the financing partner chosen and your application results.