About Us

Let Medical Sytems, Corp.

Corporate Philosophy
To improve healthcare in Cardiology/Neurology areas in Latina America/Caribbean countries by providing equipment and services appropriate in price/quality to those markets.

Trustfulness, Honesty, Respect, Efficiency.

We will be a leading supplier of Cardiology/ Neurology equipment to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Let Medical Systems, Corp. has more than 200 healthy and long-term relationship with distribution and marketing partners in most of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Let Medical Systems, Corp., provides local, after-sale technical service, support and installation. We offer seminars co-organized with distributors in some countries.

Let Medical Systems, Corp.´s headquarters, technical services, and warehousing facilities are located in Miami, Florida.

LMS has offices in Bogota, Guayaquil and partners in Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more.